Founders Live NFTs: How to Buy

Let’s get started

On our main page you learned about the valuable opportunities and access offered by Founders Live NFTs.

So now it’s time to learn how to buy them!

Essentially you need:

  • An Ethereum wallet - to store funds and manage transactions

  • An OpenSea account - to navigate purchases and manage NFTs

  • Ethereum-based funds - to pay for NFTs

Experienced with NFTs and crypto?

You still may need to learn about funding your wallet with Polygon-wrapped ETH.

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New to NFTs and crypto?

Don’t worry, you’re like most people. We’ll help get you set up.

The steps below are not complicated but they are important to follow precisely.

If you need help, you can ask a question in the NFT Q&A channel on our Discord.

1. Set up a crypto wallet to make purchases

Crypto wallets are your primary tool in this space, offering:

  • Funds storage

  • NFT storage

  • Identity

  • Purchase and trade agency

You can choose from many wallet options, but the most popular software wallet is MetaMask.

We highly recommend setting up your account using a desktop computer before adding the mobile app.

How to set up your wallet:

  1. Set up MetaMask

  2. Configure MetaMask for Polygon Mainnet

    Find answers to your MetaMask questions

2. Stay Safe

IMPORTANT: Copy and paste these rules we’ve pasted in from the MetaMask support site and place them within your computer or mobile device, and/or write these down and place them next to you.

  • Never share your 12 words Secret Recovery Phrase (seed phrase) or private keys

  • Beware Impersonators! Make sure to see their trust level 4.

  • Never DM with someone offering to help.

  • Never enter your secret seed phrase or private keys into any website online.

  • Never trust someone asking you to “authenticate your wallet”

  • Never import to your wallet a private key or a seed phrase someone gave you

  • MetaMask Support will never DM to help you.

  • DO NOT use MetaMask info to join Discord servers, WhatsApp groups, WeChat groups, Telegram channels, or Twitter DMs. These are all scams. MetaMask does not support these.

  • Report scammers. You can help the community be safe.

  • Beware fake MetaMask websites → Official Website:

  • Official MetaMask Help →

3. Set up an account on OpenSea to manage NFTs

As the most popular NFT marketplace, OpenSea is where we are hosting our NFT collection. You’ll need an account here to make your purchases.

It’s very easy to set up by connecting your MetaMask wallet and choosing a username.

Set up OpenSea (skip to step 3 on that page) then come back here to continue.

4. Fund your crypto wallet to make purchases

You will use cryptocurrency, specifically Polygon-wrapped Ethereum (wETH), to buy Founders Live NFTs, so you’ll need to get more than enough wETH in your wallet to buy the NFTs you want (pricing below), including a bit more to cover fees (.002-ish) if you’re using Option B below. It’s way better to over-fund than under-fund and have to add more.

Founders Live NFT prices:

  • Company Colors - .0028 wETH

  • Community Support - .0005 wETH

Note: Setting up funding accounts requires some customer verification steps (known as KYC - Know Your Customer) that increase in specificity depending on how much crypto you are buying, so allow some time for this.

There are two ways to bring in funds:

Funding option A - Buy wETH via debit card

It’s very easy to buy Polygon-wrapped ETH directly at OpenSea with a debit card via MoonPay. Their ETH exchange rate includes a slippage fee, and they add a small service fee.

Set up MoonPay then skip to the Buy Founders Live NFTs section below to continue.

Funding option B - Buy ETH via crypto exchange

Set up an account to buy cryptocurrency

You can choose from many exchange options to buy your ETH, but for this example we will use Coinbase.

Set up Coinbase (this link gives you $10 USD or local equivalent after your first $100 USD or local equivalent purchase), then come back here to continue.

Purchase cryptocurrency to fund purchases

Follow Coinbase’s instructions, then come back here to continue.

Funds may take seven or more days to become available for spending, so give yourself plenty of time before you expect to make your first purchase.

Convert ETH to Polygon ETH

ETH purchased on most exchanges including Coinbase is on the Ethereum main net and needs to be wrapped to be usable on the Polygon net. This allows you to save $100-$200+ per transaction in gas fees vs main net ETH, so it’s worth the extra step !

Umbria Narni Bridge
This bridge offers a much faster and much less expensive experience than the official Polygon bridge.

  1. Select “Ethereum Mainnet” from the Network menu in Metamask

  2. Connect MetaMask

  3. Enter the amount you want to send from the Ethereum Network to the Polygon Network

  4. Convert ETH using the Send (MetaMask) button

Alternative Method:

There’s also a way to bring in Polygon assets directly from, bypassing the bridge. We haven’t tried it, but you can learn about it on YouTube.

5. Verification of Funds

After the funding transaction has completed (this may take five minutes or so), click the wallet icon in the upper right of an OpenSea window and you should see the funds appear under ETH Polygon (see pic)

Your ETH should also show in MetaMask when Polygon Mainnet is selected in the Network menu. If you don’t see it there, scroll down to “Add Token” and add this address: 0x7ceB23fD6bC0adD59E62ac25578270cFf1b9f619

Buy Founders Live NFTs

Go to our collection on OpenSea to find the startups you want to support!

You can Buy from the collection window…

…or you can click on any card for more detail and Buy there

That’s It!

You’re the proud owner of a Founders Live NFT.

To claim your benefits enter your public wallet address below and we’ll hook you up.

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Stay tuned for more…

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Founders Live NFTs are utility tokens and may not increase in value, nor are they any kind of solicitation of ownership or investment.

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